The first 24 hours of this blog, as most bloggers can testify; have caused my mind to race with ideas and potential posts.  Everything I came across seemed to produce a new blog entry in my head.  I raced home from a day full of meetings, memos, contracts, emails, and endless phone calls, to find my wife and oldest daughter just beginning dinner.  As we discussed the events of the day, my two year old daughter says Daddy Aunt Keisha called to check on me today. Isnt that cool Dad?  She had been a little sick and it thrilled her (and my wife) that our friends, who were away on vacation, called to checkup on her.

My wife had an appointment, so it was Daddy Daycare for the next little bit.  Of course, my mind continued to race with thoughts of work, upcoming meetings, the building remodel I am overseeing, tasks for the next day, my now very important blog posts and several other topics.  I walked over to see our youngest daughter (3 months) and before I could even get her in full view, she spotted me.  Her smile was so wide it prompted me to crawl down and do my best to reciprocate that big smile.  I spend the next hour or so on the floor just enjoying being a dad no email, no blackberry, no contracts, no use of any education just lots of fun with me and my girls.

In the midst of playing house with my oldest and making sure the baby is satisfied, my buddy, Evan, hits me with a message that lights up my day!  His wife has just delivered a very healthy baby boy.  What great news!  A big congrats to the proud papa and his newly expanded family. Though it may have taken me several hours to wind down and enjoy the simple joys of this life, these moments help to keep me grounded in this crazy thing we call life.

 I digress into this snapshot of my life to remind us all that we should enjoy the simple pleasures of life each day.  Too many times my generation remains so caught up in staying busy that we do not stop to appreciate and enjoy our blessings and surroundings.  Many people, including myself, tend to stay busy by disguising sometimes superfluous  responsibilities as work, unnecessary commitments, and filling our plate so full that we are not affective at anything.

This picture of my daughter enjoying a water faucet always reminds me about Lifes Simple Pleasures. As we grow older and more established, our society seems to dictate the more things you have, the happier you are.  Lifes Simple Pleasures for me involve my daily walk with God, my friends, meaningful relationships and even some quality time alone.  Take some time out of your day to let someone else know you are thinking about them. Take a moment to ponder and be thankful for the Simple Pleasures in your life. 

Make it a priority of each day to enjoy Lifes Simple Pleasures and begin living your life to the fullest.