Working in an entertainment and sports position, I am frequently asked what I think about certain moves or happenings inside the industry. From time to time, we can discuss some of the major moves inside motorsports. We can start with the recent moves in NASCAR the last few months. My comments are in italics. 

Dale Jr. to Hendricks (forces Kyle Busch out) – probably the best move for all involved. Jr. gets a new start with a lifelong mentor and DEI gets to start an new era. Who will fill his seat at DEI is the looming question.

Dale Jr./Hendricks confirm no Bud (7/13/07)– a great move for Jr.’s marketability to the masses, not to mention probably a result of Hendricks nasty split with Bud years ago.

DEI merger with Ginn (#13 & #14 cars are dissolved) 7/25/07 – interesting move, but not unexpected. Bobby Ginn bit off a huge chunk when he acquired MB2. The merger was a decent move, but probably helped Paul Menard most in the short term (since he acquired the points of the #13 and does not have the qualifying pressure).

Kyle Busch to Gibbs #18 (forces JJ Yeley out) – great move for both parties. Gibbs has a way of helping talented drivers with attitude issues (see Tony Stewart) get past those issues and become productive on the track. Kyle has great raw talent and will benefit greatly from the Gibbs mentoring.

Jeremy Mayfield out at Bill Davis Racingtough for Jeremy, especially when BDR just made the transition to Toyota; however, Dave Blaney in the #22 has been doing just fine with the transition… 

A few predictions for the coming weeks:

Dale Jr. drives another number (probably the #81) next season. If his business manager, sister Kelly, is advising him correctly, the upside is unbelievable from a merchandise standpoint – think Kobe Bryant (8 to 24)and Michael Jordan (23 to 45 and back to 23) for starters.

Yeley to DEI or possibly fills the seat of Reed Sorensem at Gnassi if Reed goes to DEI.

Keep this blog close, as I will add some other motorsports news as soon as I can blog about it!