Last week was one of those weeks you are glad happens only occasionally.  Several personal and professional projects have consumed every single minute.  I am fortunate to be so busy, but must guard my schedule to ensure I do not neglect my family and myself.

My primary focus at work centered on my major development project in Daytona Beach. Preparation for a city Planning Commission meeting on August 23rd was at the top of my list, not to mention keeping tabs on normal legal department responsibilities, including closing out a few contracts negotiated over the past few weeks.  I was also overseeing a complete remodel of my mother’s office building, which included stops at the office at least 4 times per day (pre-7am, lunch, 5pm and 8 or 9 pm).  With school beginning, I had responsibilities relating to my position as school board president for my high school alma mater.  Somehow, I was able to juggle it all and be somewhat effective on these projects.

We (and I include myself) sometimes fill our lives so full that we do not take the time to enjoy life or spend it on things that matter the most.  Being busy is sometimes inevitable, so it is critical to make sure we maintain a good balance.  This week, while surrounded by all the things that are so “important,” take some time to evaluate your priorities and make sure that you are spending your time on things that matter.

I believe I have planned some good topics to discuss on this blog over the next few weeks, so visit often and let me know what you think…