Demanding jobs, the desire to succeed, climbing the corporate ladder, forging your own entrepreneurial path, making a difference; these are the things that make us tick. You would not be scouring the net for blogs like this if not trying to uncover the next tip, solution, or advice to propel you to success (and I would not be blogging either). Most of us are simply not satisfied until we are consumed with something. That is the mark of most twenty- and thirty-somethings I hang with and most young professionals. Too often, however, that consummation is work or career, to the detriment of everything else.

We do not want to do something just for the sake of doing it. We want our actions to make a noticeable difference or impact. We want to succeed. We generally work to pay the bills and support our families. Isn’t it funny that we work just long enough to stockpile sufficient resources so we can comfortably stop working, “enjoy life” and never work again? That tells me that work, while important, should not drive our every move. Your happiness, life aspirations, and interests besides your career should stabilize and fulfill your life. A balance is critical.

With posts such as Life’s Simple Pleasures, Random Acts of Kindness,  Protect Your Priorities, this blog has initially morphed into a discussion about producing consistent success in life – not just work. True success materializes when you find the right balance between all the competing interests vying for your time. Family, Career, Friends, Love, Fun, Relationships, Charitable Activities, Social Pursuits, and on and on and on: the list is endless. Do not limit your life’s ultimate potential by confining yourself to one minuscule component of your existence. Developing balance takes effort, but you must consciously develop this stability before you get sucked into the trap of a precarious life.  Learn to say “No.” Learn to say “Later.” You will be more focused in every part of your existence when you walk in a balanced life.Perform a self analysis today and determine just how “balanced” your life is? If you study it closely, I am sure we will all find that by making a few adjustments life will be more fulfilling, rewarding and successful.