I digress from our Professional Counsel series to share a recent project accomplishment. Last tonight my company and our partner went before the Daytona Beach Planning Board to request approval for our redevelopment known as Daytona Live! As a lifelong resident, I am very excited about this project and have been thrilled to work on it. As you can see by the pictures, it will be quite a neat development. Daytona Live! #1Daytona Live! #1

After a few hours at the planning board, we received a unanimous, positive vote of 10-0 in favor of our project. I can honestly say that while I fully believe in this project, I did not expect such a positive result.

I have been engrossed in this project for well over 2 years now and tonight I finally started seeing some legit progress. We still have to present to the City Commission (twice), obtain Site Approvals and lots of other legwork, but at least we are moving. At some point, I will share a few stories from this process that I learned during the journey.

I am working with a fantastic team of consultants and professionals. There are over 30 people working on this project, so listing the names would take forever. We could not have arrived here without each person. Thanks for all the hard work and effort!