Receiving insight, direction, advice, correction or an occasional pep talk from someone who has become invested in you and your career is a priceless asset.  Mentors have been discussed by the finest business schools and coaches for years; however, finding the right mentor could be critical to your success.

I was fortunate to be hired by a very good lawyer who took me under his wing when I started working and continues to help guide me through my career. My friends have had to actively seek out someone willing to mentor them. However you come across a person in your life that can help you through you career, put that goal on the top of your to do list – find a mentor. They have been their before, done what you have done and made it through. In large corporations, a person who knows the landmines and guides you through them could quickly propel your career beyond what you may eventually learn by trial and error.

Regardless of how a mentor comes into your life (they seek you or you seek them), be selective with whom you give the authority to speak into your life and career. While having the right mentor can do nothing but good things for you, having the wrong mentor is difficult to recover from. Think seriously about finding a mentor and tapping into their experience to help you in your life and career.