October 2007

Yesterday was a good day. It began with 6am basketball and ended with a celebration dinner around 8:30 pm. The biggest event of the day was the second Daytona Beach City Commission reading of our zoning request change for the Daytona Live! project. We won approval with a unanimous 7-0 vote of the commission. I have previously posted pictures of this project here, so check them out.

Daytona LIve! is a fantastic development that I have had the privilege to work on. I have put in a ton of hours, but also learned a tremendous amount!! In the coming weeks, I plan to blog about some of the ups and downs, highs and lows, and failures and successes I have encountered throughout this project. We have a few more steps to go before construction starts, but with the zoning change our team can see the project taking shape. It is VERY exciting. Get ready Daytona Beach – a new world headquarters for International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR, plus a world class entertainment destination is coming your way!

Finding a trusted peer your can confide in and bounce thing off of is another way to grow as a professional. Timing is not as critical as finding the right people.  I have about 3 or 4 of these types of people in my life – my wife, an associate with whom I have coffee with each morning, and a good friend from out of town (not a lawyer). You have to give a confidant the right to speak into your life and career. Provide them with the avenue to candidly express an opinion about your situation or tell you in no uncertain terms that you are right or wrong.  

Having a mentor is great, but a closer associate will allow you to speak very frank and candidly discuss issues, problems and ideas. These people can be your “sounding board” to help you determine if you really have an issue or if you are seeing the situation clearly.  I have even found that expressing joys, frustrations or concerns to a confidant may pay dividends, as they can sometimes find a way to help you out in a tight situation. 

Take a look around and determine if you have a confidant. If you do not have one, start working towards developing that type of relationship. Let us know what effective strategies you use to develop or grow confidant relationships.

Even with a month off, the blog has remained fairly active. After 2 months of being up (one moth of actually blogging),  we reached a milestone – 1,000 hits. Not sure where that rates in comparison, but I am sure it is not lighting the world on fire. In any event, it is a milestone and Reflective Counsel presses on…

                 I took a sabbatical and am now back. While away, I took some time to re-evaluate this blog. I am sure I lost some readers during the time away, but I wanted to be sure I was better focused. My wife thinks I need to talk less about “boring business stuff” and more about “fun things.” She has a decent point, so I am going to try to incorporate some more personal stories, while maintaining the business/legal focus. During the month, our church went on a Daniel Fast. It was truly a stretching point, but one that helped me to focus on the things that really matter and seek continued direction for my life.

                I came across a great article for you bloggers out there – How to Blog and Keep a Full Time Job. I am taking the advice and will hopefully stay on track.

Al dropped me from his blogroll (maybe I can get back in his good graces…), but my brother, Troy and Marvin still have the love.  Brewster, Evan, and Tomas never added me…I guess I have to work harder for some love!

Look for my a post in the next few hours and coming days….it is good to be back!