I took a sabbatical and am now back. While away, I took some time to re-evaluate this blog. I am sure I lost some readers during the time away, but I wanted to be sure I was better focused. My wife thinks I need to talk less about “boring business stuff” and more about “fun things.” She has a decent point, so I am going to try to incorporate some more personal stories, while maintaining the business/legal focus. During the month, our church went on a Daniel Fast. It was truly a stretching point, but one that helped me to focus on the things that really matter and seek continued direction for my life.

                I came across a great article for you bloggers out there – How to Blog and Keep a Full Time Job. I am taking the advice and will hopefully stay on track.

Al dropped me from his blogroll (maybe I can get back in his good graces…), but my brother, Troy and Marvin still have the love.  Brewster, Evan, and Tomas never added me…I guess I have to work harder for some love!

Look for my a post in the next few hours and coming days….it is good to be back!