So, today I was cranking away at the office and my mind started to wonder away from drafting a HUGE contract, worth over $50 million (I can only focus on those kind of numbers for a little bit before my eyes start to cross). I jumped on the web for a few minutes of sanity and I ran across a very cool blog from Drew Powell. I followed a few threads to Pastor’s blog, then to Jon’s blog and I thought “Hey I have a blog too”…..I just never do anything with it! So, I looked my blog up and realized my last post was over a year ago. How pathetic!!!


Before I started this blog, I did all the research on the internet, followed the “Top 10 Tips for Writing a Blog,” got a buddy to design a cool header with my picture, wrote outlines for future blogs, drafted a bunch of blogs for those days when I had a mental block and was ready to go. It worked well for a while…..then life caught up with me and this blog went to the wayside.


Well, I think I am going to give it another go. I need an outlet. I hope that I can help and inspire just one person with my thoughts and experiences. The direction of the blog may change a bit, as I blog about topics I am passionate about. I will continue with some legal analysis, motorsports news and all the “fun stuff” I do everyday, but I want to interject some real life issues we all face – family, faith, fun, making a difference and just some tidbits from everyday life. (My wife told me that the legal stuff was boring and she liked my personal stories better.) I am gonna mix it up a bit and see what happens.


Leave me a comment if you took the time to read this one, so I know that someone is out there….


I would be honored for you to join me again and look forward to talking with you soon.