One of my last posts had to do with a cool project I am working on in Daytona Beach, called Daytona Live! This development project has literally consumed my life for the past 18 months, but I am proud to be a part of such an incredible undertaking. Last year, we received approvals for zoning and right now we are under construction.


Here is a recent rendering of what the project

will look like when it is done. Very cool – offices, shops, restaurants, movie theatre, and hotel….all in the heart of Daytona Beach.


The office building is now coming out of the ground. If you drive by on ISB, you will see a 5 story shell going up. The building will ultimately be 8 stories and is expected to be done in Late 2009.



A construction photo of the first floor footers and steel shows you what it looked like in August. The Speedway is in the background. Its amazing how these things are built and all the man hours that go into it.  What a mammoth project!  



My other favorite building project happening right now is Building an Altar at Calvary! Check out Troy’s blog for updates and exciting news. I am more excited about our new church than I am about a new 6th floor office with views of the city…