I recently finished a tremendous book, “Facing Your Giants,” by one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado. It chronicles the Biblical story of David & Goliath, applying grounded principles to our lives today.


One of the most profound chapters I have ever read is Chapter 13, entitled “Distant Diety.” Lucado digresses from the boy vs. giant story to highlight the difference between newly crowned King David and Uzzah, a priest. 2 Samuel 6 describes one dead priest and one king acting like he has lost his mind. As Lucado so eloquently explains, both men attempt the same task – moving the Arc of the Covenant. Uzzah, a second generation priest, grew up with the Arc, while King David had probably never seen this sacred artifact.


Acting complacent with what he had, Uzzah ignored the requisite requirements for moving the Arc by hand and threw it on the back of a wagon. As he rushed to complete this task, details were unchecked and overlooked. While moving the Arc, the cows pulling the “convenient” cart stumbled and to cover up his mistake, Uzzah uses his hand to try to steady the Arc. He is immediately struck dead.


After David questions why Uzzah was struck down, he determines to properly restore the Arc to its rightful place. Instead of rushing to get the job done, David carefully and meticulously follows the proper protocol and moves the Arc. David takes no chances in following the Law and going past the minimal requirements to move this treasure.


While the chapter was written to implore Christians not to take the presence of God (symbolized by the Arc of the Covent) for granted; I could not help but apply these same principles to my life and career. How many times do young professionals across the world take their job, title, benefits, equipment, boss, company, family and other things for granted? While those things certainly do not rise to the level of the Arc of the Covenant, overlooking details and getting too comfortable with these things will surely lead to demise. 


Look around you and be thankful for what you have. Even if you are just starting out, hit a low point, or at the pinnacle of success – don’t be complacent with the treasures that have been graciously bestowed on you. Take a moment and appreciate the things which are too often taken for granted.


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