I’m stealing a page from Jon’s notebook here…. blogging when I don’t want to, but sticking with the commitment I made to keep it up. I have a CRAZY week, but I am determined to keep blogging mostly because of the wonderful emails and comments I have received from those of you who think I have something good to say! Keep them coming.


Drew Powell posted 5 vision questions a few days back. They rocked me and I have found my self thinking about them often. The first answer that comes to your mind is the most accurate reply to these internal examinations. The two that really got me were #3 If you can do only one thing, what would it be? and #5 What breaks your heart, keeps you awake at night, wrecks you? I am currently trying to successfully balance a demanding work week, a major production at CRAVE, my family, and a little bit of sanity, but I can’t get past these personal assessments.


I’ll get real personal for a minute….The one thing I would do is spend all my energy giving young people a positive future and showing them that a relationship with Jesus is the best way to have a fulfilled life.  I get “wrecked” and am awake at night a lot, thinking about my family, the impact I have on people and making a positive and long lasting mark on this world. Those are the things that most often race trough my feeble mind in the early morning hours.  Take some time to ponder these questions for yourself. The answers are your core values and will help you make decisions when the decisions don’t seem easy.


A huge shout out to my man Al Force and Tomas Greiner. I have spent a ton of time with these guys over the last few days, working on CRAVE’s Hell House. They both have a true servant’s heart and care deeply about our church and young people. It an honor to work along side them and I am expecting HUGE things over the next few days. If you are in the Central Florida area, come check us out on Wed., October 29th from 6-8pm and Thur., October 30th from 7-9pm.  1687 W. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, FL.


Striving for the best! – mwr