“Real convictions are not controlled or changed by circumstances.”

What a declaration! I took note of this statement my pastor made Sunday. It was one of those moments when it seems the words echo in the room over and over. I’ve reflected on this simple, but powerful statement often the last few days and perceive that this world is in its current predicament because people have abandoned basic standards.


In a climate of shady business deals, ridiculous personal actions, declining morality, and an overall deterioration of principled living, people have allowed circumstances to alter convictions once held sacred. You will ultimately be known by your integrity. When personal “convictions” are weak, they will be compromised when convenient. I submit if one is willing to alter convictions, they were never truly convictions. Rather they were just good ideas.  So many people talk about character and integrity, but these traits are not true until you have endured difficult circumstances and remain unchanged.


Think about it today. Do you know your convictions? Are you willing to keep them in every circumstance? I pray for the grace and fortitude to always stay true to my convictions.


Striving for the Best! -mwr