I’m an emotional person by nature. Strange as it may sound, I enjoy a good argument. I think it keeps me sharp and is part of the reason I make a half way decent lawyer. It also leads me into heated discussions in business and everyday life, which sometimes rubs people the wrong way.  Passionate (emotional) people generally have a hard time being consistent. However, learning consistency vital trait necessary to lead people or reach that “next level.”


As my professional career has developed, I’ve had to learn that being consistent is critical. My favorite definition of that word is “a steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, or form.” For me it means a concerted effort to calm down, stay focused and not get too emotional about any one particular issue. Since high school, one of my favorite quotes is “Consistency – It is the true mark of excellence in any endeavor”. People do not like a rollercoaster ride when they deal with others and to be effective you must remain consistent in every situation. This is not a goal achieved overnight, but a calculated and resolute desire to reach excellence through steady actions and emotions.


What does consistency mean for you?


Srtiving for the Best! -mwr