I stayed away from the urge to blog about politics, but with Election Day here I’ll share a few thoughts. Here’s what is running through my head at the moment:


1) No matter who is elected, God is still in control.

2) Get out and vote. Don’t complain, if you don’t vote!

3) Political Rhetoric Sucks. Know your values and then choose your candidate by how well their positions line up with yours.

4) Who Me? Should I make an attempt to join the political fray at some point? Elections always make me wonder if I can help my community and country more….


I have read through the political thoughts of many bloggers. Here are a few of the most interesting – Seth Godin (cool post on marketing & the election), Adventures in Capitalism (predicting the Obama presidency) and Tim Stevens (several very neat posts).  I also took interest in a new blog from my very Republican law school classmate, Autumn Thompson, who maintains a clever political blog entitled “Autumn Thompson, Mrs. Right.” If you have some time check them out, but make sure you leave time to vote today!


Striving for the Best! -mwr