Received a peculiar comment yesterday from my last post that went something like this “You must not be too busy or important if you are blogging from work.” I resisted the temptation to respond back that taking 15 seconds in the day to post a blog is much different than blogging on the job. I even approved the comment here, though it was from “Anonymous” who provided a bogus email address. So today, I’m linking to one of my favorite blogs from Penelope Trunks Brazen Careerist guest blogger Ryan Headly entitled “Making time for a blog and a full time job.” Good read, especially if you have ever thought about blogging.


Blogging has not been as easy as first thought. The first few days were simple, but continuing on a long term basis is not. Relevant topics that people will actually read are sometimes hard to determine and develop. When they come, topics hit me at weird moments and sometimes take days to fully craft. To answer my new friends comment, I end up writing them when I can – at night, early in the morning, at lunch, etc. I have never thought of myself to be very important, but it seems I am always busy. I hope that these posts are helpful to the majority of you. If they help just one person, my mission is complete. I just hope “Anonymous” is not reading this post while on the job…


Striving for the Best! -mwr