Matt Rearden is a Daytona Beach, Florida based in-house attorney with a leading company in the sports and entertainment industry. His practice involves drafting and negotiation of sponsorship and marketing contracts, along with development, bankruptcy and other general legal matters for involving major motorsports.

He is married to his best friend, Amanda, and together they are raising their two beautiful girls, Mackenzie and Ava. As an active member of Calvary Christian Center, Matt credits his success to God and the blessings He has bestowed so graciously. Matt is very involved in the support of his alma maters at every level, serving on several boards for these places of learning. In addition to being a very passionate person striving to capture all life has to offer, his other interests include playing golf, spending time with his family, sports of any kind and enjoying friends.

Matt is a graduate of Calvary Christian Academy, Oral Roberts University and Florida State University. While at these institutions of learning he was involved in all levels of student government, highlighted by a term a Student Body President in college and Mock Trial President in law school. He was also fortunate to intern in the United States Senate with former Senator Don Nickles (R-OK) and previously worked with a national insurance company.

For further information or direct contact, please email Matt at

4 Responses to “More About The Author”

  1. Jen Jones Says:

    What a fantastic and thought provoking blog. Thank you for sharing your life and incredible insight with the world.

    Much love to you and the girls,

  2. altheforce Says:

    i added you to my blogroll…keep blogging…or the ax will fall…ha

  3. Charlie Norrison Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen: This is a real American.

  4. chuckslife Says:

    Wow Matt… I love your story! Nice tie by the way… you know, you’re future is filled with BIG victories bro… it doesnt take a prophet to say that. Have a super 2009!

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