Six years ago today, I was blessed with the greatest gift a man could ever receive – an incredible wife. Meant just for me and me for her, our relationship is my most valuable earthly asset. I joke that after six years of marriage all I have to show for it is two kids and a mini van, but that could not be farther from the truth!While the list could expand indefinitely, here are six things that I appreciate and love about my wife (in no particular order):


Selfless – Putting others first and perceiving their needs and hurts over her own. She goes out of her way to help others, sometimes to her own detriment. Our family receives the royal treatment from this selfless woman.

Beauty – Both inside and out, my wife is incredibly gorgeous. To know my wife’s heart is to find her true radiance. She is the most beautiful person I know.

Love – She loves me unconditionally, even when I do not deserve it. I’m not the easiest person to deal with at times, but somehow her love for me tears down walls otherwise impenetrable. Her love shines through in every action and word.

Care – Always caring for our family is something that I take for granted. Looking out for the best interests of our girls and me is at the forefront of her mind on a daily basis.

Spiritual – Her dedication to God is an inspiration to me, our girls and others. She desires to be more like Jesus each day and spends time daily studying, reading praying and living a life worthy of duplication. I pray my girls know the Lord the way my wife does.

Strength – The majority of successful men have a strong and supportive wife. Amanda’s quiet and resolute strength is critical to our success. While it is not often vocal (at least with others), she stands beside me in every situation and  


Amanda – My world would not be complete without you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and making me the person I am today. You are my greatest treasure and I value you above all others. I love you with all I have.


Striving for the Best! -mwr


Guys – even if it isn’t your anniversary today, take some time to tell your wives how special they are and what they mean to you.


Had a good (and funny) conversation with a few friends the other night about “how to find a man.” I’ll describe them as a few young, single and looking young ladies.  I’m no expert on this subject (my wife would probably be better suited to discuss), but I tried to give them some advice from ”the man’s perspective.” The best thing I could tell anyone about tying the knot is two fold 1) find the right person (see the video below) and 2) don’t get married until you are absolutely ready. #2 may cause a strain on your current relationship, but I think it is critical that you do what you want/need to do before you make this lifetime commitment. Sometimes doing those things will even help you find your mate. Once you’re married, it’s no longer just up to you – to maintain a successful marriage every decision becomes a joint decision.  I needed to do things like live in DC and work on Capitol Hill, finish my undergrad and law degree, travel, and establish my career. The time it took me to get to the altar may have been  too long for my bride (just ask her, she will tell you all about it), but it was critical for me.


The following video is from New Spring Church. It was aimed at the guys, but I understand from Tony Morgan’s blog that the women in attendance like it the most. LL and EN, this entire post (and video) is just for you!

How to Find A Wife (Ladies, this is for you too)


Striving for the Best!-mwr

“Real convictions are not controlled or changed by circumstances.”

What a declaration! I took note of this statement my pastor made Sunday. It was one of those moments when it seems the words echo in the room over and over. I’ve reflected on this simple, but powerful statement often the last few days and perceive that this world is in its current predicament because people have abandoned basic standards.


In a climate of shady business deals, ridiculous personal actions, declining morality, and an overall deterioration of principled living, people have allowed circumstances to alter convictions once held sacred. You will ultimately be known by your integrity. When personal “convictions” are weak, they will be compromised when convenient. I submit if one is willing to alter convictions, they were never truly convictions. Rather they were just good ideas.  So many people talk about character and integrity, but these traits are not true until you have endured difficult circumstances and remain unchanged.


Think about it today. Do you know your convictions? Are you willing to keep them in every circumstance? I pray for the grace and fortitude to always stay true to my convictions.


Striving for the Best! -mwr

While flipping through the channels last night (since the Rays were clobbering the Red Sox), I stumbled across a very cool documentary on Christian Hosoi, called “Rising Son.” Not sure why I stayed with it, but I am glad I did. Hosoi was an icon when I was growing up in the late 80’s & early 90’s and was on equal footing with Tony Hawk. Hosoi literally brought skateboarding to the forefront and lived the life of a rock star.

Hosoi Hammerhead

Hosoi Hammerhead


I was never a skater, but even in Florida everyone knew Christian Hosoi, his numerous endorsements (including Jimmy’Z), the Hammerhead skateboard design and the legendary skateboard tricks.  
He had everything any person would ever want, but the fast paced life and drugs that followed nearly destroyed him. Hosoi skipped the first X-games (the one that made Tony Hawk a very rich man and international icon) and soon after, his life completely unraveled. Hosoi was arrested on drug charges and sentenced to federal prison in 2001. At his lowest point, Christian accepted Jesus as his savior. If you want to read a detailed version of his life’s story, check this out.
He is now out of prison, started a new skateboard company and is on staff as a pastor at The Sanctuary Church in Huntington Beach, CA. Great story of a guy who has overcome and is doing everything he can to make a difference in the world now.

This is one of the hardest life lessons I have tried to learn. I am not a patient person by nature. I like to get out there, work hard and just make it happen. I never see an obstacle I can’t overcome, work around or just move out of the way. It is part of my makeup and what consumes me. So, learning to wait for the perfect timing and situation is unbearably tough for me. I could certainly make many things happen on my own, but I am forcing myself to learn this concept of waiting becuase I have found forcing a situation sometimes produces good/acceptable results, but waiting on the right timing always produces exceptional results!


Pastor preached Sunday about Fortifying Your Mind and used a scripture from Philippians most people have both heard and tried to follow. “Be anxious for nothing.” Such a tough concept for me to grasp and then actually walk out. However, the second part of the verse “…but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” is the critical part to me. I have to realize that following the entire passage should make it easy to wait. Why? Because I am waiting on the perfect timing and the exceptional results that are always produced.


I like to flip the verse and think of it like this (Rearden Translation) Take all your situations and issues to God, tell Him about them, be thankful for what you have and then wait on God to give you the perfect answer and solution at the perfect time. Why is this so relevant to me today? Well… (more…)

                 I took a sabbatical and am now back. While away, I took some time to re-evaluate this blog. I am sure I lost some readers during the time away, but I wanted to be sure I was better focused. My wife thinks I need to talk less about “boring business stuff” and more about “fun things.” She has a decent point, so I am going to try to incorporate some more personal stories, while maintaining the business/legal focus. During the month, our church went on a Daniel Fast. It was truly a stretching point, but one that helped me to focus on the things that really matter and seek continued direction for my life.

                I came across a great article for you bloggers out there – How to Blog and Keep a Full Time Job. I am taking the advice and will hopefully stay on track.

Al dropped me from his blogroll (maybe I can get back in his good graces…), but my brother, Troy and Marvin still have the love.  Brewster, Evan, and Tomas never added me…I guess I have to work harder for some love!

Look for my a post in the next few hours and coming days….it is good to be back!

So, I am out the other night with my brother and his family. We are having a great time, stuffing our face with the finest Outback has to offer and enjoying some quality time together. I am tired from a long week packed full of critical projects and just want to “veg” with the family. About half way through our meal, an older gentleman is seated alone at a booth in my direct sightline. Every time I look at my family I am staring right at him. He appears to be a very pleasant man, smiling with the waitress and just enjoying watching the activity in the restaurant. 

As we continue to eat and enjoy our family time, something in me can not help but wonder about this man. He appears to be a local – clearly not a tourist or poor business traveler who is stuck here overnight. Questions races in my head… Why is this guy alone at Outback on Friday night? Where are his friends? Where is his family? Why did he choose Outback? How in the world did he get seated right in my sightline?  

CROSSROADAs we begin to leave, I can not stop thinking of this man. Honestly, I tried. The kids (2 years old, 1 year old 3 months) are ready to go. We have been there forever. But I can’t walk away. So, I do something I have never done before….I ask a server if I can pay for this man’s meal. The waiter is shocked, my wife is surprised, my brother asks what is going on. I reach for my wallet and realize my check card and credit card are both home…crossroad… Take the easy road and tell the waiter forget it? Dig a little deeper and get my spare check card out of the diaper bag? Do what I know I am supposed to do or just walk away? After 5 seconds (that feels like an hour) of internal TNA wrestling, I make the choice to live out a Random Act of Kindness. The waiter asks “Do you know him?” I answer “Nope. Just want to do something nice.” 

OUT OF THE BOXWe finish up and walk out. I never say a word to this man. My wife gets in the car and says “You have never done that before.” She is right. I have bought meals for friends and family, but this is completely different and out of the box. I am nothing special and almost never posted this blog, for fear of the “better than you syndrome;” however, I thought it was important to tell my struggle in hopes of inspiring just one person. 

Movies have been made about this, many people have talked about it, but the concept does not sink into until you act. It does not have to be a monetary thin. Just take a chance and do something nice for someone else. No reason. No expected return. Just a moment out of your busy schedule to be kind.  

TAKE ACTIONMy ultimate hope for this life is to do something significant that makes an impact. Significance is defined as “having or likely to have a major effect,” but it starts with a first step. Too many times we remain caught up in ourselves that we neglect opportunities to make the lives of others better. This week take a chance and proactive some Random Act of Kindness.

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