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 My blogger friend, Charlie, left a comment on a recent post that stirred some attention. My wife and I discussed it at length and I even had a few friends ask me about Charlie (look man, you are now famous!). Seriously, his post made me intently think and it has not left my mind. I am going to do my very best but please forgive me in advance for this woefully inadequate answer to some very tough questions.

 Daily, I am humbled by the amazing opportunities that have been placed before me. God has truly blessed my life beyond measure and His grace is the foremost reason for the any perceived success. I can say, without hesitation, that my personal relationship with Jesus is the foundation for my life and provides direction for every step I take. A true relationship, not religious experience or ritual, is my compass for life. While this is THE critical component, I’ll expound on a few other personal reasons to which I can credit.  

Pondering this journey of life that has brought me where I stand today, several things stick out to me. In no particular order, here are some of those other pieces of the puzzle that contribute to my life’s journey – Relationships , Hard Work, Education, A Life of Giving. I could expound exponentially on these and other topics, so lets explore them over the next few posts.


Life has not always been a bed of roses and it never will be. Life gets in the way and presents challenges, problems and even heart ache. I believe the key to overcoming life’s obstacles is attitude and determination. You must always remember that “this too shall pass.”


This part is for Charlie, but I hope others will benefit as well. I know you think you are stuck in “middle management” and can’t see a way out of that shopping plaza, but I want to share a personal story with you. I have a very good friend who was working as a bank teller (less than middle management) for several years. She was determined to rise above her situation, but with only a HS education she did not know what to do. So, she purposed to be the best bank teller she could be and one thing she did was learn the name of each customer, so that she could properly greet them each time they came into the bank. One of her customers was a man I know well, who ran a very successful business in town. He noticed her commitment, drive and excellent way she performed her work. This man eventually hired her from the bank and she worked for him over 10 years. While there, she completed her college business degree. She was eventually awarded her own franchise and was so successful the company asked her to become a regional manager. Today, this very successful lady owns her own business, makes a VERY comfortable 6 figure income and is genuinely happy with her success.


I share this with you to let you know that anything is possible. Sometimes you have to “grind it out” and other times it may come quicker and easier, but it certainly can happen.


Striving for The Best! -mwr

Today is my birthday! What a great day. I awoke to a sweet “Happy Birthday” from my wife and oldest daughter (who decided my bed was better than hers last night), closely followed by a call from my brother and oldest nephew, Hunter, screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNCLE MATT!!!!” I even received the best compliment from him, reserved for only his favorite people – “I love you stinky butt.” Then Mackenzie proceeded to grab the phone and hold a 3yr old conversation with her cousin for the next 20 minutes.  Those very fun moments were followed by a flood of Facebook notes, phone calls and birthday cards (even on a day when the mail does not run). I am so feeling the love today!


Since this blog is my outlet to the world, I want to express sincere gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life. I have been afforded amazing opportunities and owe debts to far more people than I could even name. God has bless me with a wonderful family, an awesome wife, fantastic & healthy children, a Godly heritage and upbringing, a beautiful home, food in the fridge, money in the bank, an education, great friends (Jon, Al, Pastor, Troy, Jeremy, and Tomas, all get a shout out ‘cause you actually blog), an AWESOME church, many opportunities to serve Him and others and the list goes on and on and on.


Life is great and I am humbled to have the privilege of walking it out each day!


Striving for the Best! -mwr

Alright, I have been blogging furiously for the past month and the stats show a few of you actually read the posts. Al even added me back to his blogroll. Jon (my own brother) couldn’t care less. Moving forward, I want to know what you are interested in reading or discussing. WordPress added a poll tool, so if you are having election withdrawls or just want to be heard (I want to hear you) chime and make your voice known……

Striving for the Best!-mwr

I stayed away from the urge to blog about politics, but with Election Day here I’ll share a few thoughts. Here’s what is running through my head at the moment:


1) No matter who is elected, God is still in control.

2) Get out and vote. Don’t complain, if you don’t vote!

3) Political Rhetoric Sucks. Know your values and then choose your candidate by how well their positions line up with yours.

4) Who Me? Should I make an attempt to join the political fray at some point? Elections always make me wonder if I can help my community and country more….


I have read through the political thoughts of many bloggers. Here are a few of the most interesting – Seth Godin (cool post on marketing & the election), Adventures in Capitalism (predicting the Obama presidency) and Tim Stevens (several very neat posts).  I also took interest in a new blog from my very Republican law school classmate, Autumn Thompson, who maintains a clever political blog entitled “Autumn Thompson, Mrs. Right.” If you have some time check them out, but make sure you leave time to vote today!


Striving for the Best! -mwr

I’m stealing a page from Jon’s notebook here…. blogging when I don’t want to, but sticking with the commitment I made to keep it up. I have a CRAZY week, but I am determined to keep blogging mostly because of the wonderful emails and comments I have received from those of you who think I have something good to say! Keep them coming.


Drew Powell posted 5 vision questions a few days back. They rocked me and I have found my self thinking about them often. The first answer that comes to your mind is the most accurate reply to these internal examinations. The two that really got me were #3 If you can do only one thing, what would it be? and #5 What breaks your heart, keeps you awake at night, wrecks you? I am currently trying to successfully balance a demanding work week, a major production at CRAVE, my family, and a little bit of sanity, but I can’t get past these personal assessments.


I’ll get real personal for a minute….The one thing I would do is spend all my energy giving young people a positive future and showing them that a relationship with Jesus is the best way to have a fulfilled life.  I get “wrecked” and am awake at night a lot, thinking about my family, the impact I have on people and making a positive and long lasting mark on this world. Those are the things that most often race trough my feeble mind in the early morning hours.  Take some time to ponder these questions for yourself. The answers are your core values and will help you make decisions when the decisions don’t seem easy.


A huge shout out to my man Al Force and Tomas Greiner. I have spent a ton of time with these guys over the last few days, working on CRAVE’s Hell House. They both have a true servant’s heart and care deeply about our church and young people. It an honor to work along side them and I am expecting HUGE things over the next few days. If you are in the Central Florida area, come check us out on Wed., October 29th from 6-8pm and Thur., October 30th from 7-9pm.  1687 W. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, FL.


Striving for the best! – mwr

Last few days have been full of good times! Too often, I don’t take the opportunity to appreciate all the little blessings in our lives.  Here’s a quick recap….


Had a great night Wednesday when the City Commission passed a major project for new sign requirements at Daytona International Speedway. I have been working on that for over a year and a half, so, in the words of the A-Team’s Hannibal……”I love it when a plan comes together.”


Got up early Thur to drive up to visit friends in Raleigh. We arrived safe and sound, save the two puking episodes from Mackenzie along the way! Thursday night, I took off across town to see the NC Sate vs. Florida State game. I was dressed to support my Noles and bought a ticket right in the middle of the Wolfpack fans. I am glad my Noles pulled it out, because it would have been a tough deal losing in the middle of the Wolfpack – especially since I was by myself!


Got back real late and my awesome wife let me sleep in! My oldest daughter comes in and wakes me up around 9:30 (can’t remember the last time I slept that long) with a huge hug and kiss, followed by a “Daddy, I love you.” What a way to get up! I tagged around a shopping area most of the day, but it was cool not to have anything to do – for once.


Saturday, we head to the coolest Pumpkin Patch ever in Bunn, NC. (If you are in the area, you should go!) We spent the entire day on the farm and Mackenzie and I cut out own pumpkin!  Yesterday was a travel day back home, but it ended with Hell House practice at Crave with Pastor Al (great blog…check it out) and then a dinner and a Bible study with some friend. Got home just in time to see the Rays close out game 7.  We are so blessed and so thankful for the treasures God has allowed us to enjoy!


I’m working on a neat series for this blog (at least I think so), so check back soon!

                 I took a sabbatical and am now back. While away, I took some time to re-evaluate this blog. I am sure I lost some readers during the time away, but I wanted to be sure I was better focused. My wife thinks I need to talk less about “boring business stuff” and more about “fun things.” She has a decent point, so I am going to try to incorporate some more personal stories, while maintaining the business/legal focus. During the month, our church went on a Daniel Fast. It was truly a stretching point, but one that helped me to focus on the things that really matter and seek continued direction for my life.

                I came across a great article for you bloggers out there – How to Blog and Keep a Full Time Job. I am taking the advice and will hopefully stay on track.

Al dropped me from his blogroll (maybe I can get back in his good graces…), but my brother, Troy and Marvin still have the love.  Brewster, Evan, and Tomas never added me…I guess I have to work harder for some love!

Look for my a post in the next few hours and coming days….it is good to be back!