Alright, I have been blogging furiously for the past month and the stats show a few of you actually read the posts. Al even added me back to his blogroll. Jon (my own brother) couldn’t care less. Moving forward, I want to know what you are interested in reading or discussing. WordPress added a poll tool, so if you are having election withdrawls or just want to be heard (I want to hear you) chime and make your voice known……

Striving for the Best!-mwr


This is not a political post. Well, not totally. The mega wealthy (of which I am not even close to a part) has exactly 2 months to figure out what they are going to do if they expect a big payday in the next few years. ESPN.com posted an interesting article about MLB baseball players who expect to sign contracts in the off season. They better get to work or that 4.6% increase will cost their clients a lot of money.


On a related note, Wayne Huizenga, owner of the Miami Dolphins, indicated last week that he wanted to speed up the sale of the franchise so that he does not have to pay higher capital gains taxes.


Good thing the NASCAR boys get their season ending bonus check in NYC in late November. JJ or Carl might not have been quite as happy winning the championship if more of the Sprint Cup Champions multi-million dollar bonus pay day was wiped away in taxes.


One the other hand, I am SO GLAD President-elect Obama pushed for a playoff system in College Football. I want to see that happen so bad. Come on Mr. President, make that happen and this “southern-redneck” will be very happy!  


Striving for the Best!-mwr

On of my favorite bloggers, Penelope Trunk, posted an interesting blog about the future. Penelope predicts the changes she foresees when Gen Y (1982-2001) takes the reigns of middle management. Rearden Translation of her first point basically says “Gen Y will work longer hours and not parent as much.”


Being squarely situated within Gen X (1965-81), today I am fulfilling her Gen X stereotype – leaving work early to be with the kids. Mackenzie has two major events in her  world today and I’m going. First, we have the pre-school “Teddy Bear Parade.” Not sure what to expect, but I’ll be there to take it all in.


Second, we are going to the movies. My wife went to Fandango WEEKS, not days, WEEKS ago to get advance tickets to see High School Musical 3 on the first day out. You would have to understand my 3 year old, but she literally knows every word and every song from the previous HSM movies. Heck, even I know the words and songs now, since they continually play in the back of our grocery getter. Mackenzie has been jabbering about this movie for months. No way would I miss the expression on her little face and sparkle in her eyes when Troy, Gabriella and the whole gang show up on the big screen.


In addition to parenting our children, my wife and I (along with other great people I know – Al, Jon, and leaders at CRAVE) spent countless hours “parenting” kids whose parents are too busy being middle management.  I have blogged on this subject a lot, but its time to invest in the lives of your children, regardless of your generation. Children are the legacy we leave. No matter how successful you are, your children will define you. I have a picture in my office I have had since college that says “PRIORITIES – 100 years from now, it will not matter the size of my house, the type of car I drove, or the balance in my bank account, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.” I pray that my life is not defined by my career, but rather by my commitment to investing in my children and future generations.

While flipping through the channels last night (since the Rays were clobbering the Red Sox), I stumbled across a very cool documentary on Christian Hosoi, called “Rising Son.” Not sure why I stayed with it, but I am glad I did. Hosoi was an icon when I was growing up in the late 80’s & early 90’s and was on equal footing with Tony Hawk. Hosoi literally brought skateboarding to the forefront and lived the life of a rock star.

Hosoi Hammerhead

Hosoi Hammerhead


I was never a skater, but even in Florida everyone knew Christian Hosoi, his numerous endorsements (including Jimmy’Z), the Hammerhead skateboard design and the legendary skateboard tricks.  
He had everything any person would ever want, but the fast paced life and drugs that followed nearly destroyed him. Hosoi skipped the first X-games (the one that made Tony Hawk a very rich man and international icon) and soon after, his life completely unraveled. Hosoi was arrested on drug charges and sentenced to federal prison in 2001. At his lowest point, Christian accepted Jesus as his savior. If you want to read a detailed version of his life’s story, check this out.
He is now out of prison, started a new skateboard company and is on staff as a pastor at The Sanctuary Church in Huntington Beach, CA. Great story of a guy who has overcome and is doing everything he can to make a difference in the world now.

One of my last posts had to do with a cool project I am working on in Daytona Beach, called Daytona Live! This development project has literally consumed my life for the past 18 months, but I am proud to be a part of such an incredible undertaking. Last year, we received approvals for zoning and right now we are under construction.


Here is a recent rendering of what the project

will look like when it is done. Very cool – offices, shops, restaurants, movie theatre, and hotel….all in the heart of Daytona Beach.


The office building is now coming out of the ground. If you drive by on ISB, you will see a 5 story shell going up. The building will ultimately be 8 stories and is expected to be done in Late 2009.



A construction photo of the first floor footers and steel shows you what it looked like in August. The Speedway is in the background. Its amazing how these things are built and all the man hours that go into it.  What a mammoth project!  



My other favorite building project happening right now is Building an Altar at Calvary! Check out Troy’s blog for updates and exciting news. I am more excited about our new church than I am about a new 6th floor office with views of the city…

Yesterday was a good day. It began with 6am basketball and ended with a celebration dinner around 8:30 pm. The biggest event of the day was the second Daytona Beach City Commission reading of our zoning request change for the Daytona Live! project. We won approval with a unanimous 7-0 vote of the commission. I have previously posted pictures of this project here, so check them out.

Daytona LIve! is a fantastic development that I have had the privilege to work on. I have put in a ton of hours, but also learned a tremendous amount!! In the coming weeks, I plan to blog about some of the ups and downs, highs and lows, and failures and successes I have encountered throughout this project. We have a few more steps to go before construction starts, but with the zoning change our team can see the project taking shape. It is VERY exciting. Get ready Daytona Beach – a new world headquarters for International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR, plus a world class entertainment destination is coming your way!

It is about that time again. ESPN.com is running a countdown clock. ESPN (the network) has “25 hours of IT.” Everyone is chatting about it in the lunchroom. Heck, I even got an Excel spreadsheet (complete with little helmets) emailed to me. College football season is upon us and beings tonight….T-minus 5 hours, 44 minutes and counting…

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