Its been a while since I posted a blog, but they are coming. This speach by Rep. Forbes was just too good to pass up. Check it out.

Today is an historic day in the life of America. Regardless of your political affiliation or feelings about an election outcome, as Americans we must honor our government and the leader of this land. We must not minimize our duty, responsibility and even respect to those in authority.  It is an unbelievable sight to watch this very peaceful passage of power every 4 or 8 years. Though the campaign trail may at times feel like a war zone, there were no shots fired, political coups or unnecessary violence leading up to this transition. We are blessed to live in the United States of American and today we should clearly remember that fact.


As Americans, we have a duty to do the following:

1)       Support Your President. This means you must stand behind the man who is in authority over this country. (Romans 13:1-7) You do not have to support each policy or action, but supporting the office of the President is critical to the strength of America.

2)       Pray for Your Government and Its Leaders. Take time each day to thank God for this county and ask Him to give supernatural guidance, wisdom and direction to the leaders placed in power.  

3)       Get Involved and Make Your Voice Heard. Though the election is over, policies and decisions will be made that directly affect you. It is up to us to let you government know how you feel and what you believe.


I thank God that I am a citizen of the United States of America. This is the greatest country on earth and on this inauguration day, I am proud to be an American.


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My new friend, Charlie, posed a question that is gripping the nation right now – should the government bail out the US auto manufacturers? While this post has taken me a while to craft, it corresponds with the start of a lame duck Congressional session on this exact issue. I’m no expert on this subject, but have watching with great interest. It’s no secret that the motorsports industry has had a long standing partnership with the auto manufacturers. I have business associates, turned friends, who are employed by the “Big 3” and been involved with all of them. This issue came to the forefront for me a few months back when GM announced it would not renew its NASCAR track sponsorships. Even this weekend, GM’s announcements have even created a stir in the NASCAR garages. This Washington Post article details some of the issues we face – “Big three apply brakes to NASCAR Sponsorship.”


To get back to Charlie’s question, here is the quandary I struggle with – should the US taxpayer bear the burden to prop up businesses that can not sustain themselves? Regardless of the reason for why they are not profitable, when a small business does not make money the owner inevitable has to shut their doors. Even closer to home, (more…)

Alright, I have been blogging furiously for the past month and the stats show a few of you actually read the posts. Al even added me back to his blogroll. Jon (my own brother) couldn’t care less. Moving forward, I want to know what you are interested in reading or discussing. WordPress added a poll tool, so if you are having election withdrawls or just want to be heard (I want to hear you) chime and make your voice known……

Striving for the Best!-mwr

This is not a political post. Well, not totally. The mega wealthy (of which I am not even close to a part) has exactly 2 months to figure out what they are going to do if they expect a big payday in the next few years. ESPN.com posted an interesting article about MLB baseball players who expect to sign contracts in the off season. They better get to work or that 4.6% increase will cost their clients a lot of money.


On a related note, Wayne Huizenga, owner of the Miami Dolphins, indicated last week that he wanted to speed up the sale of the franchise so that he does not have to pay higher capital gains taxes.


Good thing the NASCAR boys get their season ending bonus check in NYC in late November. JJ or Carl might not have been quite as happy winning the championship if more of the Sprint Cup Champions multi-million dollar bonus pay day was wiped away in taxes.


One the other hand, I am SO GLAD President-elect Obama pushed for a playoff system in College Football. I want to see that happen so bad. Come on Mr. President, make that happen and this “southern-redneck” will be very happy!  


Striving for the Best!-mwr

November 4, 2008 will go down as a historic day. There are now countless news articles, stories and blogs about America’s 44th President, Barack Obama. Though I’m not aligned with most of the policies and principles behind the coming “change,” I am nonetheless proud to be an American.  Some of the reasons I am proud (in no particular order) include:


1)       Historic barriers broken. Americans were not afraid to elect their first African-American President and were also willing to seriously consider a female VP candidate on a major party ticket. America truly is the land where anyone can do anything. That’s Awesome!

2)       Cooperation. Talk is cheap, I know, but the rhetoric out of the Obama camp is a willingness to cooperate, consider alternative positions and compromise on divisive issues.  The level of “cooperation” will be set well before our President takes office on January 20th , with the Cabinet selection.  The worst thing that could happen is for the House, Senate and White House to push an aggressive far-left agenda.

3)       Incredible voter turnout. Initial reports indicate that over 60% of registered voters actually voted. While not 100%, it is great to be in a country where we are free to select our leaders and the majority actually took the time to do so. If the average American would stay involved 365 days per year, not just during the campaign season, our country would be stronger than ever.

4)       America is STILL the Greatest Country on Earth. In the words of John McCain, “Whatever our differences, we are all Americans.” With the conclusion of the campaigns, the one thing we all continue have in common is being American. Black, White, Hispanic, Republican, Democrat, Independent or Other, being an American is a great title to hold!

5)       We can still make it better. Every candidate that ran in the elections across this great land yesterday ran because they desired to make America better. While they may disagree on HOW to do this, there is always room for continued improvement.


President-elect Obama delivered a very persuasive acceptance speech last night. I will remain committed to pray for the United States of America and its leaders, while continuing to thank God for the privilege of living in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.


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I stayed away from the urge to blog about politics, but with Election Day here I’ll share a few thoughts. Here’s what is running through my head at the moment:


1) No matter who is elected, God is still in control.

2) Get out and vote. Don’t complain, if you don’t vote!

3) Political Rhetoric Sucks. Know your values and then choose your candidate by how well their positions line up with yours.

4) Who Me? Should I make an attempt to join the political fray at some point? Elections always make me wonder if I can help my community and country more….


I have read through the political thoughts of many bloggers. Here are a few of the most interesting – Seth Godin (cool post on marketing & the election), Adventures in Capitalism (predicting the Obama presidency) and Tim Stevens (several very neat posts).  I also took interest in a new blog from my very Republican law school classmate, Autumn Thompson, who maintains a clever political blog entitled “Autumn Thompson, Mrs. Right.” If you have some time check them out, but make sure you leave time to vote today!


Striving for the Best! -mwr